Ikea easy peasy..wait , What?


I think the first thing everyone does when they move country is the fascinating Swedish invention: IKEA! Apart from the delicious meatballs and rosti to go with them, not to mention the oats cookies covered in chocolate that makes your mouth melt with joy, there is of course the essentially easy to build furniture.

But what happens when you find out that it is not so cheap as you remember back home?

My face must have expressed it all when at the counter, for having bought I think absolutely nothing of what I really needed (the couch was sold out, the night table was also sold out and the easy to build draw I wanted, well what do you know: SOLD OUT!) I was seen holding onto my credit card so tight the counter girl asked me if everything was OK.
You see Ikea has its tricks up its sleeves! Yes it’s a beautiful idea to walk past those home showrooms, sit on a chair and pretend to be in another world that is not your own or even lay on the bed and find people staring at you when all you wanted to do was play in the doll house – one where you could actually step into.

Its actually fun like Vegas! The beautiful hotel that before it even allows you up to your room “obliges” you to pass the casino in it!
Spend, spend, spend keeps entering your brain!

The fact is after filling my trolley with things that could make my new home, home… I found that Ikea in Australia is fairly expensive than in my home town! You can argue that lifestyle here is more expensive as importing and the daily salary is also higher but what if you find that that the cheapest types of furniture in Australia are if you go shopping in K-mart or superamart?
So what IS Ikea? A trending designer furniture as opposed to the cheap easy to build idea it was brought up from?
Whatever your thoughts I love the fact you can have fun constructing, a bit like playing with Lego, it takes you back to your childhood or maybe one reason to why I also later on became an Architect.


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