Google what a strong word – the access to the unlimited world of internet, handy, from just your desk even at work! But sshht don’t tell anyone that! At work, all we do is work. Or don’t we? I’m saying this with a huge smile of big white teeth grinning to the thought of all of you nodding “yes of course we only work when we’re at work!”

So as I was googling– trying to fill my day up and lets say it wasting time – I stumbled across a blog, actually more than one, then it went onto magazine searches and then onto books and at last guide books.
But the continuous question I kept asking myself was why do we even read them?
Actually there were far more questions than that so I decided that instead of boring you with them why not simply ask:
So what is it that you look for when you pick up a magazine, a book or a guide book when you think about travelling?


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